The original base spirit for punch

Since the 1600s, or even earlier, arrack has been used as the base spirit for numerous different types of punch. It is still widely used in punch cocktails today, thanks to its versatility and ability to both enhance and be enhanced by other natural flavours.

Tasting notes

An unexpected floral nose takes you by surprise to reveal a wonderful multifaceted spirit with which you make an instant connection but on which you cannot quite put your finger, demanding another sip, enticing you to explore further. Then finally surprising you with its smoothness, leaving you with a cosy, warming sensation.

The perfect serve

Originally drunk with coconut water by local Sri Lankan islanders, Ceylon Arrack is equally delicious when mixed with ginger beer or ginger ale, or blended as a base spirit in myriad cocktails. Our favourite way to serve it, however, is straight from the coconut shell.

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